Sunday, 13 September 2015

ABA Cyclocross 3 - School of 'cross

Well, school is going to hold me back another year or straight up fail me.

I had a bit of a sore throat going into Wednesday's midweek race, but body had power to spare. Post that it was two nights of less than optimal sleep. Sore throat wasn't as prevalent, so I lined up to race. 

But it's apparent my body is working on something, as not only couldn't I hold 'cross pace, I couldn't hold like half 'cross pace. I did a couple laps then pulled myself to go sit at at good vantage point and watch it unfold. 

At least I got a cool photo out of it from the barriers - thanks Tim!

It was Brit's fifth race to spectate. There's other little kids who want to come play with her. It's pretty easy. 

Cindy felt stronger at the end of hers, which is good. Liked the course, minor issue with the her seat. Here's the duo when I'm about to pin on Cindy's numbers. 

Good group dinner at Joey Tomatoes. 

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