Sunday, 6 September 2015

ABA cyclocross 2 - Bici rodeo 'cross - totally different test, sameresult

Today's bici rodeo 'cross out by Cochrane was colder, drier, and much more of a fitness test over a skills test. Not enough corners nor were they hard enough to make time. 

Cindy registered for open women, which she worked her way up to, but in practical terms is hours nearer to my race time to make an easier day. She says all her training and rest had her feeling good for the day ; )  it's good to be positive, and it's good she's getting these in. Riding and rest however are not her lead ups to the race. It's hard to even get a warmup in when Brit is hungry. But she races with a smile start to finish. She's a crowd pleaser!

I did my same warmup as yesterday. After a night of baby stuff, getting Cindy here basically on time and watching her race, I climbed in my snow suit in the back of the car and napped with my head on a diaper bag and my legs at whatever angle fit. Oh the glory. It was great, probably got a half hour in until Brit made noise again. It's almost comedic. 

That combined with a 5k roll around outside the course and probably 10 mins on a paved road, then it was strip down layers for start. 

It was a fast start. I wasn't first or last. Mac had a flat tire on a fast downhill and crashed, we avoided collateral damage. The from 4 took off like there's no tomorrow - Mike Van den Ham, Ian Auld, Shawn and then Barry Furlong, Paul Ignatiuk, Andre and I hung together for a bit. Barry and Paul took off, I did about 5 laps of drafting Andre in the headwind sections before he cracked me. He kept attacking so hard, I thought a) I keep on and blow up, b) he's going so hard he's going to blow up.  He held it. I did the last 4 or so laps solo and held on for 7th, felt good. The back side of the course with the off and on was harder than the headwind long climb, that steady state feels good after Haute Route.

I haven't seen real results but I think it's this:
1. Mike Van den Ham
2. Ian Auld
3. Shawn
4. Barry Furlong
5. Paul Ignatiuk
6. Andre
7. Erik

I don't know behind, a cyclemeister was chasing me... but the rear view mirror isn't so hot on the bumpy 'cross courses.

ok now real results:

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