Friday, 27 February 2015

Steamboat Springs - Telemark Classic

This morning was just beautiful. I felt good. The classic run is long: about 5 gates, jump, maybe 5 more, flat straight section, another 6 or 7, the rap and skating, down a pitch with 20+ gates, downhill then turn uphill for a painful skate up to the finish.

I was loving it. Jumped hard but alpine landed. I guess I'll never know if I made the line, but people said I did in the pre-run. Your legs burn and you breath for all you're worth. Making nice tele turns is hard. Apparently too hard for me. With about 4 turns left on the pitch until it flattened into a few easier turns, I slid out and crashed. I have no idea why. I haven't done that in 200 runs in gates this year.  The rule with the set start intervals today is once you were down, you were out, no hiking back up for a recovery. I guess that's what I get to think about for the drive home. 

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