Sunday, 22 February 2015

Road trip to Steamboat

Marvin wanted to come with. 

Packed a lot. But not cause I'm a bad packer I argue. Because a car has lots of space and the optionality of having things  is fun. 


Almost to Great Falls. 

Mid Montana to Colorado weren't so hot on the roads. 

This doesn't seem like a business name set up to draw customers in. 

Lunch stop. 

Backed up from ice. 

Oops. Trucks with dirt on the side pointing the wrong way must have a story to tell. 

I think at least 4 hours today was on ice, snow, or melting on ice which was worst. To be honest it wasn't bad. I like the skill of it and don't freak out. The road signs said stop all non essential travel, but I think not many big rigs have real traction control or anything like gummy winter tires. Even a giant pickup in 4wd isn't as helpful as electronically modulated awd on this stuff. Plus I had weight in the car not an unloaded bed. I made it and overall enjoyed it. 

Steamboat at night. 

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