Monday, 23 February 2015

Monday training day

Lee had a lovely breakfast at the Colorado Mountain College again.

Team jacket, Howelsen Hill in background. 

Antoine was much happier with his gear here! Main Steamboat ski area in background.

Course was set higher today and had more ruts since every single team was training today. We practiced gates, the jump, and the rap several times.

A Norwegian getting some air time.  Have to land in a telemark position past the minimum distance line, then of course make that right handed red gate with whatever modicum of grace you can muster.  What isn't shown is how the landing is off camber left, the turn is right, and the landing area basically has a funny snowcat grooming divot then grooming ridge mixed in.
Getting my carve on.  

Air time cometh.

The reipelykkje.  Norwegian for "knot of rope".  Said approximately "rap-oh-lusha".  Or for the rest of us just "the rap".   From there to the finish line it's full throttle skate ski sprint.  Today was just getting comfortable in it.  Yesterday the entrance to the far right was smooth, today it's formed like a jump going in, the the back top half is just mush.  My line has been absorb/skip the entering bump, carve just below where the yellow flag in the picture is, carry whatever speed I can around, and don't be shy about when I can try to turn on the gas with the poles and skating.

Shoutout to privateers everywhere.  Mark McConnell aka Hotsauce you just got it done this year, jumped in with two feet, didn't take no for an answer, didn't shrink into your shoes at the first start line.  Give it your all, learn as you go.

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