Sunday, 16 November 2014

Nakiska part deux

Interesting day... took me a while to find my wallet this morning, which is unlike me, but it made the drive out a little sunnier.

Watched some of team Canada, Alberta, Quebec warmup and do gates.  Smooth and powerful.

I did several runs, 4 or 5, before figuring out my little lunch pack had my Garmin in it, so I put it the lanyard around my wrist, inside my jacket for the remainder of the day.  I should maybe make a little velcro strap, I guess it depends how interesting this is.  So the captured data is just short of 40km, so I skied half that and did the lift half that, plus a little more from the runs.  It's interesting to have those stats, how far one skis in a day.  Max speed was 62, but that was on the one crowded run.  Wait till we open it up a little (plus my max on tele just isn't as fast as alpine gear).

I also tried out the DPS Wailers.  Nice, they cut through choppy snow well.  But on Nakiska steep icy hardpack, I just can't say they grip like a set of Volkl Race Tiger GS skis.  I appreciated the Canadian distributor hook up at the end of last season to get a couple pairs without the alpine binding plates mounted so I could add NTN telemark bindings.

With the warmer temps the crowds were out that took advantage of the cheap season passes.  Kids bailing into the side fences, some fat old Russian speaking f-ck littering off the lifts, and all speeds on one run.  Give it another week or so to get more runs open so everyone can dissipate.

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