Sunday, 2 November 2014

Deadgoat Blow Street 'cross 2014

We had dinner last night at our friends house who became new cross racers this year, and among many topics covered, it was the classic "I can't even remember life before 'cross racing".  I was served some Romanian fireball type liquor but apparently it's not banned for glycol content like real fireball.

I actually had to churn about 90 minutes of work this morning in which each time i walked to kitchen I realized how sorey legs were from awkward slip running. 

Packed up warm boots and beverages for all the racers, then when I was bike checking I noticed my front brake wasn't slowing me down at all. That explains some challenge yesterday. I thought it was just the conditions, but I had worn the pad to metal. Quick stop by Bow to get new pads and a thorough brake adjust and tune. 

The Blow Street 'cross moved venues but was awesome. Most of the photos aren't mine, so I can't take credit. 130 racers out. We had a premium for first to the start of the highway to hell, a long off camber section that was make or break if you could ride it with slick conditions. It was like tightrope walking. Snow barrier with an optional ramp up by then 2' drop in the other side. 

MC Deadgoat.  


Making the highway to hell even possible. 

Main checkin area. 

Start premium. 

Tim and Kyke making some noise for me.  Really slowed down last two laps, fatigue caught up, I lost 30 seconds on those two alone.  I had my best race of the year to finish 5th.  



Cindy made burritos and we watched a Superprestige after. That's recovery. 

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