Tuesday, 8 October 2013


So exciting!

After a month of zero, nothing, no activity I got myself to Speed Theory for Trev's morning class at 6am. Coasting through the dark streets I felt free, felt alive, and felt every bit of why biking has made me feel free my entire life. 

I have planned to leave a trainer wheel there and swap wheels when I arrive. This should world other than my bike today has a 140mm rotor and the wheel there  has a 160mm rotor. Oops. 

Anyway, got on and got going. It was an easy, let's all get used to this class. Computrainers were quiet not screaming.  And a half hour in, in a 2 minute interval I had at a modest 200W, I felt a bonk coming on. Ouch. That's what happens with a month of nothing. 

My arm was sore supporting weight, will have to monitor how that feels rest of today and tomorrow.  I was hoping all that was behind me. 

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  1. Nice! Good to hear you're able to get back to it.