Saturday, 5 October 2013

Month since Mongolia

It's now been 4 weeks since Mongolia.  I've ridden less than I ever have in a month in my adult life.  Commuted that first week, 1h ride on weekend ended in a broken arm.  Not only have I ridden less than ever, I've been sedentary more than ever.  I've walked to work more now, arm was sore even walking for the first while.

This week had two updates - a specialist appointment on the arm - essentially saying don't do surgery.  If it was the ulna on the outside of the elbow with the thin skin covering it, he said they'd slap a few screws in there lickety split.  The radius on the inside, and its angle of break. is right under all the veins/muscles/nerves/tendons of the inner forearm.  Said that surgery would irritate the elbow so much that mobility would go from current "good" to "virtually nothing" again and start with a few degrees of movement and rehab.  Plus it wouldn't be straightforward near zero risk stuff with everything that's in the way.  So I'm just waiting and healing.  I go back for xrays early November and presumably they'll just say "looks fine, off  you go".

Hip had more fluid drained again.  It's not a bad little routine, say 15 minutes, a freezing shot, 4-5 needles of recovery of fluid, then steroid and anti inflammatory injection.  The big needle going in leaves that little section of skin looking pretty pincushioned after it all.

I feel good though and have most mobility back.  I can almost straighten arm and almost bend it closed.  Enough already for practical movement.  The rotation of the hand is pretty good too, just a little shy of back to normal.

Strength is zilch.  My right wrist feels like two bones wrapped in skin.  I don't have the biggest forearms to start with (typing and moving a mouse isn't resistance training), but there's really nothing there.  My tricep hasn't done anything in a month and has withered away.  My arm is scrawny, the elbow looks like the widest point, where usually it looks like a thinner point with some degree of muscle around it.

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