Sunday, 27 October 2013

Lou Reed RIP

"Lou Reed, whose band the Velvet Underground became one of the most influential in rock by fusing art and music in collaboration with artist Andy Warhol in 1960s New York, died on Sunday at the age of 71, Rolling Stone reported."

I sit at work on a weekend 15 years and appreciate as some has said "he aged, but didn't burn out or rust".  Impacted the world more than my role on earth will through his voice and smooth poetic (ie. velvety) exploration of topics that were difficult to listen to then, or perhaps even now (underground).

I came into appreciation most of Lou Reed during my "Rock and Roll Music History" class in university.  I've never since heard his voice on the radio without stopping, re-concentrating, turning it up, listening, and thinking through the past.  RIP Lou.

Always saw, but now flying away from the dirty boulevard.

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