Saturday, 12 October 2013

Co-motion Java Rohloff Introduction

5 months in the making, Cindy unknowingly walked into Bow Cycle's fit room this week after a long rainy drive in traffic to pick up "my new bike".   I was insistent we do this errand tonight even though we had a long day... and  surprisingly, she showed no frustration at being dragged along on this late night errand despite 90 minutes of rain induced stop and go traffic to get there.

Upon walking into the room, a British racing green Co-motion Java tandem was seen front and centre.  Confused, she said "a tandem? where is your bike", to which I replied "Cindy, this is your wedding present so we can go touring at Christmas".  

Cindy expresses emotions like I can't, and I love her for that.  With Franzky as witness, I'll just say Cindy "lost her mind" in excitement.  It actually helped me in the sense that now I have a witness to just why I got into tandeming.  

John put a nice little sign on it, and after having a little laugh, Cindy started reviewing parts.  Cindy knows them now and looked at each place - all black outside the green frame.  Ergon grips, finger points to Chris King headset, Chris King bottom brackets, Cane Creek Thudbuster seat post for suspension for her as stoker.  What is this round ball like front hub?  A Schmidt dynamo hub on the front, with a bright headlight mounted to the fork... and I take care to point out a USB port in the top stem spacer - wow!

What are these belts?  A Gates Carbon Drive system instead of a chain, in theory usable for 10,000k if not knicked.  No derailleur... that's a Rohloff Speedhub.  Water proof bin on the back, paniers at home, and a new mount kit for the handlebar bag we have at home.  Killer heavy duty Velocity Cliff Hanger 36 spoke rims.  S&S couplers.  It's pictured here with only 4 of 6 bottle cages installed, which even without my CamelBak All Clear, doubles our prior range (as based on fluids).

This is quality, and the cost reflected that.  I'm actually really surprised that it didn't feel like a heavy tank given the parts spec should favour a long mean time between maintenance and failures hopefully.  This is close, but somewhat different to a 2012 bike Co-motion showed at the NAHBS.  This is one of a kind.

That should mean many happy miles, with what was likely the happiest unveiling of a tandem the world has ever seen!

Details and riding review forthcoming.

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