Sunday, 28 April 2013

Whiskey 50 Aftermath

There was talk all day of KFC post race, not sure how that came up, I don't even know if I'd ever really eaten there before. But it happened with a vengeance.

We had two self proclaimed bluenosers in the back of the van, one from "the mainland" and one from "the island" of eastern Canada. It takes them about 2 minutes to drink a beer, and that's allowing time for jokes and sing alongs in that time. Odes to Rita McNeil, Led Zeppelin, etc. Man they're a funny breed, it's pure entertainment. Our cheeks hurt from the 2h drive of laughing.

Packing bikes proved more challenging for some. The wrist injury really knocked the wind out of this fine gentleman's sails. Or it could have been the 5:30 wakeup, 50 mile bike race (plus another 5h of chamois time), and 15 "recovery drink" beers.

In retrospect we all had such a fun time, that we feel predisposed to doing it again. Not only for the event, but for philosophical aspects of Calgary's "spring" weather. Easier too if we didn't have to layer in a business trip, and if we could get at least 4 days riding in warmth. Also nice to see the faster Canadian cycling bretheren like Mical and Cory.

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