Sunday, 7 April 2013

Happy Birthday Craig!

Craig, Kate and I got out for about 3h of riding for Craig's birthday!  Despite the "spring" conditions, the riding was fantastic.  Mud was frozen, so no slop.  Snow just stuck to the ice enough nothing was slippery.  But the ice had all melted last week for most part.  Other than the blowing wind, conditions were exceptional.

I like the ridge pictured above, the relief to the left is a probably 100 feet.  

Kate's new ride is beautiful.  Trek Superfly Pro SL.  It felt like a road bike on the road, just no resistance anywhere.  I like it that she and I ride the same size bikes, I should just start buying used bikes off her every year.  It's beautiful.  And it'd deadgoat colors!  I really like the optional internal brake and shift cable wiring, as well as the seatstay mounted rear disc.  Just looks so clean.

Let me just say it says something about your riding group when I show up with a Cannondale Flash Ultimate and it's the heaviest bike at the ride (Craig's Scott is starting to get freaky light - like it's only about 2 pounds off my Cervelo... uh, yes he's got an 18.3lb 29er mountain bike going).  

Naturally, I came home and pulled the heavy pedals, swapped out my grips for the same ones that are lighter, and most importantly, pulled off my heavier tires, for a quick one pound diet.  That's it for now, although Shawn keeps telling me how awesome Furious Fred's are, and I was eyeing Craig's Renegades.  

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