Saturday, 13 April 2013

Cervelo R3 2013 update!

The original incarnation of this Cervelo R3 was early in 2007, and for the last 6 years it's done everything I've asked of it without so much as a squeak.

But 6 years of riding is about what a parts kit can take.  I could have held it together longer, but instead I stripped it down to the frame and sold everything on ebay.  The frame is under warranty, and new frames are like 100g lighter - this R3 was sort of the first of the ultralight, ultra stiff frames - so extra dollars there didn't really achieve much.  Plus I've always liked its ride, look, stiffness and handling - so instead it got a sweet redressing.

The major changes are cabled Dura-ace 9000 (man I love the shift quality and overall lack of maintenance of that product line), some featherweight eebrakes, the SRM now rebuilt as wireless model to clean up cabling (and twice the battery life), a normal sized seat post (this frame came with a very uncommon size so I shimmed to give more options on what to use), my favourite Fizik Gobi but in the all carbon "00" build, super light Look Keo Blade pedals, and those beauty Enve 6.7 wheels which are lighter than my last set, stiffer, wider twice the depth, and now are shod with 25mm tires.

That's 16.0lbs of beauty as pictured, without any sketchy parts that can't do the next 6 years of duty at least!

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