Sunday, 7 April 2013

2013 Cannondale Lefty review

I did a first ride today on a 2013 Lefty Carbon XLR as pictured on the left.  First impression is it's smooth and stiff as ever.  It felt better than the "booted" 2012 model, but that could be just that my old one had a lot of wear and tear (I still have that one, this is a replacement for a 5 year old one).

The pop loc is great, the travel is smooth.  I'm going to make one comment I hope Cannondale fixes shortly.

If you squint to see the top of the brush guard, there's a little clamp for holding your brake hose.  Good idea.  It's like a two bolt stem cap that's rounded out to approximately the dimension of a brake lines.  Sounds good right?  Except for the bolts are basically as small as reading glasses hinge bolts.  I'd guess this is to not have people crushing their brake lines.  Better way to achieve this is to make a bigger arc to the metal, then put some sort of grommet inside, or just tell people to put in a piece of tire or glue.  The bolts that hold it are probably 1 or 1.5mm allen keys - I grabbed a 2mm from my Pedro's set, and it was way to big.  I had to find a multitool with one small enough.  One side stripped without even force of screwing in half way.

Gimme a break, that's ridiculous.  Or put a hole through the brush guard for a couple zip ties.

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