Friday, 22 February 2013

Spanish road trip

We stayed awake half the night, fell asleep right before our alarms. Woke up 3h later when the maid knocked. Shoot. Set off into the land of jamon, queso y vino and got our Peugeot 308 rental which just barely fits 2 people, 2 bike boxes and luggage. I actually downsized once seeing it and figuring for sure we'd fit out stuff. A French car in Spain has all English buttons and labels - which makes Quebec's language uproars on the Italian restaurant that had "pasta" on the menu all the more ridiculous. It had under 1,000k on it and was beautiful to drive.

The TomTom GPS wasn't charged, so I navigated randomly and got to the highway to Cordoba without one wrong turn! When the GPS finally charged, our hotel's address was apparently "0" which didn't register well. We had a picnic lunch with jamon, queso and pan. And chocolates, but not the one pictured, which probably shouldn't be taken too literally.

Little bit overcast, but warm enough, and more mountainous as we get to the Andalucia region.

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