Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Day 3 of 3 last bit of riding before Andalucia

Weather, fatigue, and lack of packing thus far meant more logistics and less riding today.  That’s fine.  I got 45 minutes of quality sub threshold in after cleaning the garage, packing bikes, and packing gear.

1. Evoc bike travel bags fit road wheels with tires, but barely, barely fit 29er wheels (same wheel size, larger tire).  This took “persuasion” of the case to let them in.
2. I’ve packed snacks for the week.  Why are gels all such bland flavours?  Do these brands not recognize there’s more than generic “berry”, vanilla, etc.  What about guacamole?  Balsamic reduction?  Margarita?  Denver sandwich?  Buffalo hotwings flavour?  Tiramisu?  Seriously, I can think of a hundred delicious flavours that are entirely warranted by their deliciousness, but haven’t made headway vs. the generics.  I want to buy a 5 gallon jug of Gu “just plain” and start doing my own mixing.
3. Iberia airlines strike isn’t doing my travel plans well.  I suppose I’ll get out mostly unscathed in the grand scheme.  What this has done so far had me pay for a hotel I won’t use/can’t refund (they refused a refund, so I told them I would use it to spite them, so they have 0% chance of re-selling the room), a modified travel itinerary that has me spending more time in train stations and possibly with rental cars to achieve the destination.  I’m sure it’ll all work out.  But there’s only one pocket it all comes out of…

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