Monday, 11 February 2013

45 NRTH Jaztronaut insole review

First ride review of a new set of insoles made of NASA worthy, noncompressible aerogel that doesn't "pack out" underfoot, and therefore maintains resistance to conductive heat loss to your metal cleats just under the ball of your foot.

They do exactly as they say, and are warm because of it. Good product. More costly than a normal insole, but for those who despise cold feet, "any price is worth it".

One caveat - they feel thick and spongy. I like that. Problem is, they take up shoe volume. If you have extremely low volume/skinny feet like I do, that's a plus, as now my shoes fit better and are not baggy. If your foot isn't like that... You might not be able to use them, or would need a different approach to shoes. No sense having everything packed in so tight that you lose circulation and end up cold anyway.

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