Sunday, 7 September 2008

XC8 finale

If I didn't mention enough before, this course is awesome. I'd say the only "funner" course I rode this year was BC Bike Race - and considering the natural geography the two races are set in, that's pretty good for XC8. What I did like last year was a little more time on that gravel road at the top of the hill, about a kilometer rather than a couple hundred meters... made it easier to stay fueled during the race, as the rest needs both hands on the bar. I like all the tight singletrack, but for an 8 hour, a few less tight spots on the trail aptly named "duck" would have been ok too.

Shawn basically caught up to Craig, but Craig held him off in the sprint (Craig also had 2 min time bonus). Jeff Neilson was third. Dallas dropped out for a nap after doing same number of laps as me, but he was done sooner.

Mical, Trish and Alana were the podium of the women's, with the Bee in 5th. The Bee was tired and bonking, but she sure makes me proud.

Pat was second for single speeding. I should equip him with a hemlet cam so he can film my next bike mishap, as he saw both of mine at this race.

I'm glad some ibuprofen found its way to me. That was the hardest knock I've ever taken on a bike or skis... but that's not really saying much as I've skipped hard wipeouts in both the snowsport and biking careers thus far.