Friday, 12 September 2008

Las Vegas

I've been tired and getting burnt out, this whole fitting 30 races into a year and working my job isn't easy to fit into the routine. Coming to Vegas tired seems like a recipe for disaster, but I napped on way down (when hot dentist chick in seat next to me wasn't asking Vegas questions... by the way, it feels so unlike me to actually be informed on Las Vegas of all tourism places, like what have I become?), and planned a relaxing afternoon.

On arrival I managed to get in 2.5 hours in gym, almost 2 on bike, about half an hour on treadmill on max incline with weights, plus stretching and core. After that it was poolside in the sun, which had the benefit of a few more bikinis than a day in the office. Unfortinately the "euro-style" pool was populated more by overweight 50 year olds.

After that it was room service and nap for a few hours. I uncharacteristically drank a Red Bull upon my groggy wakeup so I wasn't a downer all night. Then the big group dinner... great food, wine and entertainment. Gambling updates for the first 6 hours ranged from down $8k to up $1k amongst the gang, I guess that makes my $25 gym entry and $34 room service salad (it's amazing what delivery charge, automatic gratuity and state tax add to the cost of food) feel well spent on a relative basis.

I'm looking forward to the Lotus cars tomorrow, those are bets I'm willing to take (having control of a skill driven outcome is easier for me to grasp than games of chance).

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