Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Tourist skiing after parallel sprint

So after my non-qualification I commuted back to the hotel, dropped off skis, stripped the ball hugging speed suit off and went out with the goal of getting up to the top lift on Bellecote.  Usually is watch the rest of the racing, but I wanted to see this mountain, and I have to do it today because yesterday lifts closed and tomorrow I drive after skiing.

It took either 7 or 8 lifts from my door, and the views blew all others away.  My mind was officially blown again.  Alps in all directions as far as the eye could see. 

Upon making it to the top of the Bellecote glacier chair, I take in the view, and hear behind me some one say "hey look, a Canadian". I turn around and its Jeff Ebbern.  I pull up my googles and he sees its me.  I ask where Tom is and he points up toward a cliff above us and says "up there on a conference call". So we take a few pictures and Tom comes down cursing that the call was delayed. He sees me and is just on fire.  Hey Jeff, take a picture of Bakke and I so we can send it to Chambers and tell him he's a sucker for not being here.  We'll pose over here, get some good scenery in (sic). 

Then he's ready to take off and is telling the other guys to hurry up, then turns to me and says "they just don't make these young bucks like they used to". Ha.  He's just on fire all the time. 

I made my way back down to lodge, it's funny that can be a several hour outing even with lifts. 

I came from back this way and skipped all this skiing. 

Heading up to first peak Roche de Mio. 

This is what you do in the Alps. Gather your peeps, find a rock, sip from the wine skin and eat cheese and sausage sliced with an Opinel on baguette at a picnic.  

Not at top of Roche de Mio yet, but endless Alps.  Courchevel is that way. 

Chalet with beautiful view and I think Plagne Soliel way in back. 

Top of Bellecote glacier with view of Courchevel in back.  This is where I bumped into Tom and Jeff. 

This is "winning". 

Looking toward the skiers direction and sort of where I came from. That's a lot of Alps. 

Tom and Erik!

Top of Roche de Mio view on way back. 

That's the Bellecote glacier and top right is where we were. 

Up the valley. Montchavin where we're staying is kind of over the left of the shoulder in the bottom left. There's of course a cable car across that valley with trees such that you can go ski the next whole set of mountains on the right. 

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