Wednesday, 27 January 2016

la Plagne Sprint

After a restless night, I really fought with my alarm clock this morning. Like when your brain just hurts that it's supposed to be awake. Just set it as late as I could, had a pro bar for breakfast and out I went.  I was about half pack for getting on hill.  

Did a warmup run and my legs just burned right away. Ugh. Nice course, felt quite Nakiska to me.  As always the jump is hard to make distance, but this one wasn't chucking you into a corner and causing havoc.  Nice loom.  Slight downhill skate.  All good. 

The loom inspection. 

I watched from a good vantage point all the women and most of the men, then did a good long warmup given how sore my legs were. 

Someone jumping, nice view!

Women's race 2nd gate. 

I actually felt good on course after the warmup. After yesterday I was less concerned about jump and more about foot space. Legs didn't burn, thought I went into tele quick enough on jump landing, didn't make the distance or stress about it, sort of got confused coming into the loom on the last tele turn gate, didn't feel too bad on the skate.  

So apparently I need to realign my depth of turn and tele landing perception totally as I had a ton of penalties.  I knew I was short on the jump (3) as I just relaxed and tried to go into tele, guess I didn't so (1) And I probably was late committing to a turn going into the loom as I thought I was at a yellow gate on the entry (1). But I had three more beyond that!? And I even thought I was focusing on good spacing on my turns.  Shoot. 

So my first run gross time was palatable in my mind for me, but horrendous with penalties.  I'm actually not embarrassed about my top to bottom times. They are acceptable all things given this year... but the penalties mean I need to refine badly, and jump. 

So I'm not really going to stress anything second run but boot spacing and see if I can alleviate my poor style for the gate judges. 

Second run I got only one gate penalty but botched the jump.  I need jumps in course practice, it's funny (sad?) that these are my first days of jumping this year. I landed flat, couldn't tele.  Simple reason is you need hips forward - like a ski jumper but obviously not as exaggerated - to tele land.  My hips weren't forward.  Need to focus on that.  Funny that of my various failures, being in the air with hips forward isn't something I have through inheritance. So I got 3+1 on the jump plus one other somewhere. Shoot. I felt acceptable on overall speed and turns and skating.  Not world beating, but palatable.  Always work to be done.  Part of me wishes I could ditch some of adult life's responsibilities and focus on tele intensely, as inside I know I can do it, and it'd be super to polish up this deficiency.   But the reality is tele for this guy has less of life's time slice applied than the real World Cup guys, and a more do it yourself approach.  

For this picture I'm sitting on the back of the loom looking at the finish. You go in left side behind me, come out on right, then cross your entry track and lead around the lake and wrap up to the finish.  Somewhere around 30 seconds skate. 

As an aside, this has a snow garden on the other side of the path the. Is 20m to the rope tow and lift.  Not a bad place to learn!

Here's what the aftermath of a ski race looks like so you don't forget anything behind.

So my tally so far is a 33 and a 47.  That sounds weak, but I'm going to relabel those to "no dnf, no crashes, no injuries, and learning". 

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