Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Drive from La Plagne to Les Contamines

Driving in the alps is an absolute treat.  The views are spectacular as are the roads.  And I really like the little Mazda, the handling is great, the fuel economy blows my mind (110km/h on highways bounces between 3-5L/100km), and the power and torque are surprising. 

The road that was to connect me to Megeve was closed. Fortunately I know the French word for detour... So I followed the detour signs.  For the next 60 minutes my steering wheel was never straight.  It was like climbing a paved Pneuma then descending a paved Race of Spades. I felt like the turns matched GS course spacing. It's crazy they build them like this.  Uphill switchbacks were so steep and tight many were first gear.  Sebastian Ogier has so much home turf to practice on!  It was pure joy that such playgrounds of driving exist.  The fact that they even have multiple roads through these passes blows my mind even more. 

Uhh, right. Or left?

The affinity for Defenders here is much appreciated by moi. 

Detour. I wish I could have strava'd what came next. 

This was the other end of the detour section, so I can later try to map what road I was on.  It was awesome.  I'd love to M Coupe time trial it at 3am in a full moon in the summer when nobody's out there. 

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