Sunday, 23 August 2015

Haute Route Alps Stage 1

Glad to have day one going and the gadding around is done. 

Nice day - cool and a bit of rain. But not enough to make it hard. 

First climbs I felt good on. Slowed down through the day as my stomach was balking at me. Not really stressed about it though, every day will have high and low points as will the whole week. 

Today all the descents were untimed. I don't know if that's insurance liability or condition of road permission. It's funny though, how a guy like got to a full on climbing race with neutral descents. Jokes on me!

I think I was like 5:45 door to door and have no idea where that places me, but I also don't care.  It'd be nice to ride with a bit more power in second half of the day if my innards cooperate, not sure if it's just cuisine change or time change or just fluke. 

Trev and Shawn had good days. 

Shawn and I are enjoying the daily comedy of mini French hotel rooms and other things to giggle about.

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