Thursday, 27 August 2015

Haute Route Alps 5 - beauty

Aside from results, I'm winning. We all are. We're in a country of liberty that loves bikes and lays down silky smooth pavement regularly on insanely small high mountain roads, including a new one to me that I'm so glad I learned.  On a blue sky day that's warm but not hot. Riding bikes with friends. 

My legs and fitness are coming around. I could climb with Tom Ebbern all day today.  Even the steeps. We rode 90% of the day together.  When it flattened out he held my wheel and when it was steep I held his. Just great overall. We have to find one of those tourist pic download sites as a guy got a good one of both of us near top of Croix de Fer. 

We are at La Toussuire. This is the view from our beautiful chalet. We were back over those mountains at one point, I suspect someone knowledgeable might be able to identify peaks that are near Alp d'Huez. 

We are winning. This is what winning looks like.

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