Saturday, 29 August 2015

Haute Route Alps 7 - every dog has his day

10k rollout this morning before a lower grade climb.  I started with Tom in second group. I pulled off to side to faff around with my power meter again as its uptime has been minimal this trip, then chased back on. I felt great on the climb and by the top caught Shawn and crossed the intermediate time mat right after him. I asked Shawn if it felt hot out, he said yeah, why?  Cause I'm on fire ; ) We had a couple k descent then 3 more k climb to the stop time. I rode forward there.  

I waited for Shawn for the first time in my life at the timer then we rode the descent together, with the two top women. Good descenders. Their brakes and tires are same as mine but they're asked to manage like at least 50% less mass. 

We grouped up at the start timer with the lead women's group. From there it was rolling and like a road race. I skipped the last feed and hoped my water would make it close to finish. Shawn said he had a half bottle extra but by time I could have used it we weren't together. I got dropped on a climb by the lightweights including Emma Pouly but then started trying to go forward solo and catch the stragglers. Nobody followed me.  I pushed hard to the finish. I was 49th. 

Every dog has his day. My statement at the start was I'd be fitter by the end. It feels good, I don't ride enough at home to get fit. 

From there we descended 23k to town, cleaned up in a fountain, had lunch. Hour or two later it was ride to Geneva, then faff around at finish area. Then we ride to train which was awesome and had a full bike car just for the SpeedGoats, got off at airport, ride to hotel, collected bags. All that feels like an extra stage already.

Our finish photo!

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