Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Yak Attack training #5

I missed morning spin class for work.  Probably in retrospect a good thing.  I did an hour of cross trainer machine while watching world cup 'cross on my iPad at lunch.  Then the real workout hit this evening.

After a nice commute over, calibrate the CompuTrainer, then a 15 minute warmup, we were presented with: alternating 90 second and 2 minute intervals at 150% of threshold* with 4 minutes rest between.  Instructions were "you will fail, question is how long can you hold out".  Queue Metallica and start.

Cumulatively I got 10 minutes in, but failed at about 90 seconds into one of the two minute ones in the middle, I think I made 4 before failure. Who knows it was all pretty blurry then.  Nowhere to hide in that class.  Admittedly this is probably more spring road race training than the type of efforts I'm going to deploy at the Yak (unless I'm trying to yak…), but ostensibly it's forcing V02 optimization by maximal exertion to failure.

* this class uses threshold as ~90% of a 20 minute TT to approximate what one would sustain if pushed for an hour, as no really sane class can do an entry to the spin sessions TT at a 60 minute length; today's intervals were therefore 430W.  That would move me along decently well on a bike if I could trim down.

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  1. That's a solid effort. Sounds like you're making good progress on the numerator and that the denominator will follow in the all important bike ratio (power to weight)!