Sunday, 12 January 2014

Yak Attack training #2

Kate, Shawn and a surprise Devin visit occurred at Cadence.  We headed west out airport road, toward Cochrane, a fantastic lunch and home.  That's a brief description, and the accompanying stats.  About 100k, probably riding/walking/moving for 5, out for 6h.  I felt notably stronger today, yesterday was a bit of labour.

But that all misses what the real story of this weekend is.  I'm not empowered to be a king maker, but let me at least nominate one.

We rode two days with Kate.  Or should I say, Kate is genteel enough to wait up for the boys 2 days in a row.  Jeff, Thomas and I yesterday, Shawn, Devin and I today.  Every time we'd look up, come up a rise, come around a corner, how was it that Kate was 5m ahead?  She'd just easily move forward all the time.  We'd bust it, catch up, and expect to see her perhaps showing indications of effort.  She'd smile and say hi and pick up whatever conversation was left off, without displaying laboured breathing.  Shawn and I today were both impressed and dejected all in one how easy she was doing it.  Very impressive!

Alpha is often used with male or female.  Forget that.  Kate's just the winter riding Alpha these days.  My winter Queen nomination.

So I've named my training plan the Kate plan.  Or even the double Kate.  I'm eating like Kate Moss, perhaps though without the cocaine and cigarettes, and I'm riding with Kate Aardal, or at least somewhere behind her, hopefully in a draft.  Maybe these two will merge and my power to weight ratio will hit an acceptable level in the next few months.

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