Monday, 27 January 2014


Nice weekend all in up at Sunshine Village.  Nice weather, warm and about -1C Saturday, little cooler (like -6, -7C Sunday).  I’d heard lots of people complaining about snow - it’s thin in trouble spots, but fine for blue groomers all day.  Hasn’t been warm enough for ice.  After a decade of Nakiska, not much to complain about in my view.  Great couple skiing weather with Cindy, then also Shawn and Ashley.  Refurbished hotel up on the hill was nice.  Certain signs of “this place is run by 20 year old Australian kids” always crops up, but not enough to ruin a weekend.  Healthy menu is available beyond the beer, nachos and burgers of old, which I appreciated given my preference for responsible eating before the Yak Attack.  Cindy is pulling off some carves very well, and dabbling with air.  She may have married into a ski jumper family, and we’ll get her there, but she’s not quite getting hang time yet ; )  Fit in a small amount of hiking, but we'll just say the 7,000ft lodge and the 9,000ft top of divide chair was counting as altitude training.

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