Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Mongolia Bike Challenge packing

Mongolia is a bit further than BC Bike Race or TransRockies, so I've started packing a week in advance for a change.  Someone asked me "do you just bring your bike because they have everything there?"  Well, not really.  I hope they have most stuff there, but hope isn't a strategy.  I try to be practical - light enough to not be burdensome, but thorough enough to do the Boy Scouts proud (even though I never was one).  Let me know if I'm missing something!

Ingredient number 1: Awesome Moots Mooto X YBB.  This bike is intended to improve in every way on my prior travel-racers, and Mongolia is its first big test!

Tool kit as above:
- Wet and dry lube, grease, small bottle bike wash (hands mostly), quality towel, toothbrush, Stans small bottle, backup mini lube bottle for trail, epoxy, loc tite
- Levers, BigAir, pump, extra valve, pressure gauge, 3 tubes, 1 tire, backup inflater, shock pump
- pedals, electric tape, cage, torque wrench, 2nd shower cap, mini headlight, zip ties
- pedals, chainring (smaller 32T vs mounted 34T), brakepads, centerlock to 6 bolt converter ring, S&S wrench, 2 derailleur hangers, chain, extra quick link, brake bolt backs (special to Moots direct mount), cleats, toe spikes, bleed kit, 4, 5mm, crank fixing bolts, Rotor, Centerlock, seat clamp bolt backups, not pictured yet are a couple backup spokes
- Allen keys, Torx wrenches, Leatherman, chain break, crank fixing bolt tool, Petzl Zipka headlamp

In reality I'll trim down a tube or two as of course they'll have those, and I'll pick one oil to save some there.  Bunch of tools can go in the torque wrench case, packaging will come off the brake pads.

Trail kit plus required safety as above:
- BigAir plus inflater, levers, multitool, mini-oil, mini Leatherman, mini pump, patch kit, ziploc, zipties, valve extender, quicklink, derauilleur hanger
- showercap, signal mirror, whistle, space blanket, Petzl E+Lite, 2 by1L water purifier tabs, gauze
- Garmin Oregon GPS + tracks on bike, extra batteries aren't pictured.

Riding clothes:
- 7 kits, socks, couple Icebreaker t-shirts, one mountain bike shoe, helmet, prescription sunglasses (2), regular for wear with contacts, gloves (3)
- rain jacket, rain pants (required), armwarmers, beanie, knee warmers, vest

Pre/post bike kit:
- chamois cream, sunscreen, vitamins, spork/knife, chap stick, after bite, Nuuns, fiber, Robax
- Recovery drink, glutamine, Probars, Cliff bars, Gu chomps, gels, Gatorade, Perpetuem

- Therm-a-Rest NeoAir X Lite 350g, Western Mountaineering 0C 500g sleeping bag
- long johns, wool socks, Icebreaker sweater

- toque, fingerless gloves, MEC Uplink Primaloft hoodie, Gore tex jacket, Carhart pants (err, dungarees as they still call them), old shoes, baggy shorts
- Camelbak All Clear bottle
- Tabasco, cinnamon, powdered ginger, mustard, couple salad dressing plastic packs
- Incipio ATLAS tough/waterproof iPhone case, charger, AA batteries for GPS + charger

- OnSite equipment rubberized duffel, thermometer on zipper, greenbacks

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  1. I'm not certain you can bring CO2 cartridges on the plane...