Sunday, 18 August 2013

Bragg Creek Roubaix

Shawn called a great ride idea out of Bragg for Sunday a d by departure time on Sunday morning when Shawn and I carpooled out, Pat Dodge and Devin had driven out to join.  Devin didn't totally have the plan communicated properly but had enough that we lured him in the opposite direction of what he pictured for about 90 minutes.  After heading north from Bragg we turned on the gravel township road just south of the TransCanada.  Generically we're heading to what's over to the left.  I vowed to take pictures roughly every 20k.
We crossed the TransCanada up into the Towers Trail valley then climbed west toward the big gas plant, then up and out towards where Sibbald Trail meets the TransCanada. 
Brief parallel to TransCanada - yuck. So busy and not about the solace of riding gravel. 
Sibbald was a bit dusty, not as loose as the first bits, and nearing us to Powderface which can be seen Center background. We all rode smooth tires, 28-30mm. Gravel is a state of mind more than and equipment fest. Just a few kilometres from here is Dawson trailhead which was first water stop. Instead of bottles galore I brought a Camelbak All Clear to UV treat the non-potable water.  I broke the rules right away and used it on a water bottle as the one they sell it with doesn't fit a cage. I have a feeling I won't die. 
Powderface was just beauty packed gravel and still closed from the floods so car free, scenic heaven.  This was the high point of Powderface according to Shawn's watch. 
The super climbers let me ahead for this photo. 
Cresting another climb all to ourselves!
After a detour to Big Elbow for another water fill, we were on smooth pavement for the highway 66 climb with this top photo then a fast rip to Bragg Creek for patio lunch. 
Strava says 130km, 1,900m, and 5h of moving time fun outside our water stops. Max speed 88.9!  This is an absolutely great semi remote gravel ride, Shawn thanks for the gem!  Not much of the world is paved, riding pavement feels so limiting when we have this.  It's actually a bonus right now that Powderface is closed.  This thing is classic, it should be an annual!

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