Friday, 30 August 2013

Mongolia Bike Challenge day 0

 Breakfast was excellent - here's my measures - even includes kim chi.

Packing is a bit of a problem. They want you to bring one bag. That's ok other than I packed two small bags for the trip. One is getting jammed with dailies, one is going to sit in a truck until needed with spares and such. 

Elevators are small and crowded when all racers checking out. 

Camping will be cool, this morning was a fresh 5C out. I have a thermometer on my bag to measure overnight temperatures. 

I met Cory Wallace's mom. She's nice and he's smart. He just asked her I'd she wanted to volunteer at a bike race, and only later mentioned it was in Mongolia. I should have done that!

We're off shortly in busses and these. 

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