Sunday, 28 July 2013

TR3 day 2

Woke up a bit tired, but got the routine going. Bluebird day - can't be bad riding a bike when its like that.

We cruised over to start, didn't take a warmup too seriously as the 30+k of gravel + quad trail climb didn't mean a sprint to trails.

I felt ok but not great. About 25 mins in I could still see Pat and Devin, and I got onto the back of a group with Steve drafting me that Kate was pulling hard. That group blew, and I was on the slow end. Steve, Tom, Eric Kramer and Tom Ebbern and others all pulled away. I went at my own pace hoping to reel them back on the flatter quad path. Took me a while past aid 1 to feel good, then started making up ground again. Got to Eric Cramer who was furthest up right at the last pitch before the descent. I asked him if he'd mind if I went first as I had a special thing for sketchy downhills, which he was fine with. I put my hand on the tree by the dropin to let a guy and lady who were walking (err foot sliding) down it to clear, then rolled in. Had a good descent passing people, but its a bit irrelevant when its like 1:40 climbing and 15 down.

Felt good on Coal Discovery, most fun part of the day. One guy rode my wheel, I said he could go by, he declined. That's cool, I said just make sure cause I don't want you telling your buddies later some deadgoat hogged the trail. We rode to the end together, he passed me on the gravel doubletrack right by town, I showed that I wasn't about to drop off, so we rolled in together. Some elderly guy didn't see us coming and walked into the road, but we averted that - he may have had quite the startle though.

I hurt all day, but I think probably did better in some respect as I think my gap to Devin was smaller.

Afternoon clouds started to build, we did round 2 of a guys meet the grocery store, then did nothing but quality R&R all afternoon. Surf, turf and sky was dinner on bbq, then we stood in the cold river for a while, and laughed all night about funny stuff. Life is good.

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  1. Too bad you couldn't find any HP sauce...

    Was the bottom or Porky Blue ride-able or washed out like a couple years ago?