Sunday, 14 July 2013


After a stage race, Stampede, and vaccinations to put my body under, we opted for some R&R. Jasper!

We stayed at Jasper Park Lodge. A 3.5h ride saw 3 bears, a moose, and a big elk. An approaching wall of cloud enouraged us to turn around so we just got a little wet. We played catch with a baseball. We threw in the towel as we saw the second squall approaching - it brought rain, hail and snow when we were eating. We lounged and took in the lake's view.

Through our late lunch, a pianist showed up and walked around to take requests. It's always such a stark reminder how technology has made music available everywhere, but its really just a proxy for music. Sitting 15ft away from a grand piano playing Imagine, Rocket Man, Uptown Girl, and whatever else people requested, has layer upon layer of rich fidelity I rarely get to hear. Perhaps it was the honey lager supposedly brewed with honey straight off the bee hive on the roof that got me thinking about relative talents... that I don't have. I have balance and interpretation of terrain and traction skill so I can ride/ski/drive and see just ahead and carve, but I can't string two notes together to save my life. Bless this guy in an old grey sportcoat who can play anything thrown his way!

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