Saturday, 27 July 2013

TR3 Day 1

After arriving at 4:58 yesterday for 5pm check in cutoff, we settled in for some dinner, a pint of Fernie ale, and a half decent sleep. So fun to see all the bike gang out.

Beauty day out. Woke up, cool morning, cruised over to start. Devin and I were pretty far back in the queue, but it didn't matter a ton with a relatively long road section to thin it out before the climb up hyperventilation.

First 5 minutes, some female at her threshold at a spot in the group she got to by arriving early got chucked out the left of peloton, presumably a bar lock or something, then caught traction at an acute angle point right back in, and just shot straight in. Bit of a mess. I was a few bikes back.

15 minutes in I was probably same spot I'd finish in. Climb was nice and cool, I felt steady but not zippy, was behind Pat Doyle and Mical Dyck and just sat there. Never saw Pat after the descent, I rode down with Mical then spent the next hour with the girls duking it out (I just tried to stay out of the way). Really fun trails. Everyone is talking about loose, dry, sketchy descents. Sure, I get that. I didn't feel much of it - I put on a Nobby Nic up front. Excess traction all day. Sure I push a bit more, and I don't know if I'd climb faster otherwise. All I know is the guys I passed cause they were wiped out, in the woods, or flatting was relatively high. I think fitting equipment to conditions is important. Made the descents fun not risky.

The way results are posted is mildly tough to interpret. Bunnin did a count and figures he was 11th across the line. I'm going to skip that on a phone and estimate that I'm around 30th person across the line, but there's so many categories its hard to tell. I was around 2:15 ish, so very short day. Devin, Shawn, Pat rode super solid. Tracie cheered super solid. I carried an extra tube and extra 750ml bottle a bit illogically just for a 2lb bonus workout when we did two blasts up hyperventilation.

Devin, Shawn and I decimated some lunch, then I went for a super massage, it was so good I should marry that girl.

These short races have the benefit of so much chill time they're awesome. Trails great, conditions great, so fun.

Highlight of the night - 2 old ladies came to DQ in this old Mercedes 190. They even had a little pillow on the front seat so she could see over the dash. Beauty!

The main problem with this M Coupe picture is I'm not driving!

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