Thursday, 27 December 2012


The history, architecture, engineering, and just the premise of this place are so amazing its hard to grasp. It's very beautiful and unique. While once it was the center of an empire, it's now filled with tourist junk/trinket/fashion shops. That's fine I guess, there's enough unspoilt streets too, but it'd be amazing to see what this was like as a functioning city at the height of it's history. There are other mountains, other cosmopolitan world cities, etc. but there's only one on earth that is Venice. Wow.

We did a bit of a fancy dinner, which was kind of the only thing we ate all day. The food continues to amaze me. If I were a fish/shrimp/octopus in the Mediterranean, I'd be honoured to fill out my organ donor card to subject myself to an Italian chef upon my demise. The refinement of stuff that comes on a plate is just beyond me; I eat for function and sustenance, and here it's such an art what they accomplish with such apparent simplicity.

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