Saturday, 1 December 2012

Tucson December 1

We lucked out this weekend with some of Cindy's sister's Westjet buddy passes. Flew into Phoenix, rented a car, got ourselves to Tucson and rented bikes from Fairwheel. Nice hotel the Joss's's's recommended. All good.

This morning Cindy and I left our room at 7:15 to hit the Shootout. Beautiful ride over, mildy brisk as the sun was coming up, but we were just wearing light clothes. Got there 2 mins before roll out.
After the commute out of town with others joining, the group hits the gas as we cross Valencia. At that point, I can't think much about leaving the Canadian winter behind, or burritos, or my friends on a snow ride. I think about pedalling full circles, breathing, and staying in a draft. Half hour later, we're at the top and furthest from town. I made it in a decent group to the top. Let's just say that group only had one aluminum rental bike 105 gruppo 1850g 32 spoke wheelset and... way more carbon. Bike worked fine of course, moreso it just wasn't that kind of crowd by the end. One guy simply rode off the front, two chased, and rest of group of twenty stuck together before exploding in say last mile. I u-turn to find Cindy.

She's plugging along just fine with a new friend. We ride together to the top, then u turn and go back that way instead of the loop around on Old Nogales Highway.

Let's recap a bit: If there are stress induced problems in life that I can't rectify with amazing carne seca burritos, the Shootout, and coffee in the university drive courtyard in the warm sun while watching puppies play and hummingbirds on the flowers - well, I don't want to ever have them.

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