Saturday, 19 April 2008

Trainer workout Saturday

I have to admit it's a little tough to be a Calgarian cyclist this spring, -13C and snowy is tough to see out the window when I'm dreaming of +13 and sunny at a minimum.

After shoveling nearly a foot of heavy snow from my driveway, I drove cautiously up to my parents house to use their basement gym.  Did a low intensity trainer ride, tried to get in a decent block of time.  I've been riding so much high intensity lately my body was just asking for an easy spin.

The nice thing about emptying the tank in the training dungeon (it's actually renovated nicely, it's just earned the dungeon nickname), is that the tank is filled afterward by mom's cooking.  And my birthday was remembered.

After that it was off to see Shawn and Jon for a pint of suds.  Maybe I can collectively start referring to the two friends as ShawnJon?  We covered important topics - life, biking, racing, and how the XTR 950 crankset has the spline attached to the big ring, not the crank, so you can get aftermarket smaller rings to run a 2x9 setup, and ditch the XTR bottom bracket in favour of a Dura-Ace bottom bracket to keep the weight down.  

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