Sunday, 10 May 2015

Water Valley Spring Recon

Great weather. Dry roads. Less clothes. Faster tires. That was the plan, and it worked save for a little rainy section to keep it a true Water Valley out in the elements ride.

Shawn, Devin and I rolled out from Weedon hall to do the abbreviated Water Valley loop in recon of an upcoming race.  If you aren't pumped for this, you should be for two reasons. Yes, with timing some people race. But consider it a supported ride, and one that gets you out on some of the most beautiful roads you've not likely ridden that are close to home. It's a fantastic gift of Alberta riding.

This is the beautiful Twp 290 south of Water Valley.

Water Valley landmarks and a quick coffee stop. 

This is doing our part to keep custom bike builders in business. Left to right: Blacksheep, Bread Winner, Moots. 

Our beautiful gifts of rural roads. 

After this the climbing started in earnest so the camera didn't come out as easy. Then it was a fast descent on gravel, then rain, then the push home, none of which really let me do photos. 

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