Sunday, 24 May 2015

River Valley Royal Rumble IV XC Alberta Cup #2

Beauty day for racing up in Edmonton.  Shawn, Cindy and I carpooled up for the action.  I didn't think I was up for a great day, runny nose and cold sore of a summer cold were on me this morning.

It was hot by Alberta standards, I haven't had 28C yet this year.  Great course, we started with a 60 second spring straight up the ski hill, legs felt great actually, then tried to hold 2h of racing in the heat from there.  Hot races leave me feeling like this:

That's actually probably about the right vintage for me too.  I held on for the 5 laps and was not last.  That's good.  Strava file here.  Neither heart rate or power worked today for whatever reasons.  The course was dry and punchy, call it like 10 maximal effort little steeps per lap, where I was easiest gear, pushing hard, and just barely having the traction/skill to make it.  Those added up after a while. So did the climb up the side of the ski hill in the blazing sun.

Cindy found shade most of the race, did a good job with water bottles in the feed zone, and was our photographer too.

Start queue.

Off to the races.

Blazing hill climb.

 It's hard by this point.

Finish.  Results here.

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