Sunday, 14 September 2014

Emerald Lake lodge wedding

I Beautiful morning for a ride. As the husband of the bride's sister, my official duties are ideal: stay out of the way!
Descending to Field. Cool but very nice morning. 
Looking east towards the pass. 
Beauty sunrise over Field. 
The abandoned highway to Louise. Only me and one coyote entirely not afraid of my presence. They're beautiful to see up close. I turned back before Louise as the traffic stops had proven themselves as sticklers to the rules and weren't letting bikes through when stopping cars, so I couldn't be late. On the way back there's a lady walking uphill with a baby, said her car broke down. I could see it a ways down the hill. She was walking to get cell service. I said I'd be happy to call from Field. But guy still stopped me. I then asked him to use his radio to his guys down below to ask them to either come up and take her to Field in their truck, or call. He didn't even agree to relay that on the radio. Apparently chivalry and common sense are not skills of highway flag people. Frustrating. 
The divide. 
A lovely apr├Ęs at Cilantros patio at Emerald Lake. 
5 groomsmen, err grooms people. 9 shoes. 
Just lovely. Very happy for Cara and Adam. I got the second last Bonhage sister, no more left now. 

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