Sunday, 21 September 2014

Bici Rodeo 'cross

A second day in a row of quite warm weather made for a great day of racing. Two stories unfolded.

One was the winner of sport women, Cindy. From a third place start to reeling them in to power climbs that made up for dainty barrier crossing, Cindy put out the power today to take a win. Good job!  

Slicing corners. 

We'll work on barrier speed. 

Powering it out solo. 

Crossing the line. 


I started faster and more aggressive. Was in 8th going into first corner, which was nice positioning and once it stretched out, was smoother around the corners. I used cornering, riding the run up every lap, and the big barriers, then the last half of course corners to stay in with a group that was putting out way more watts. It was a good recipe until two laps to go, when their surges got me, the 28C started taking it's toll, and I over turned my handle bar by the 2nd gate between the fields where it was all bumpy and the bump ate my wheel and spun it all the way for a little low speed dismount. After that I couldn't catch or hope to catch the group of three into the headwind section, but also nobody was behind. 

BikingBakke climbing. 

Chasing. These barriers and the remainder to the start finish I could usually reel in to then be with the group up the headwind section. 


Toast to a victory!

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