Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Lincoln tunnel torture

I spent some time yesterday craving a bike, fresh air, and nature. After waking up at 4 to start a two flight journey to NY, we arrived. Almost.

We arrived in Newark, and did what we shouldn't have done: 3 of us got into the back of an overused, bordering on derelict taxi that needed the entire trunk, front seat, and 3 of us squeezed like sardines in the back to make it work.

That's tolerable... until we came to a halt at the Lincoln tunnel. It was so slow, the taxi driver would intermittently shut off the car. So we spent 70 minutes crawling through a tunnel, with busses and fumes and two tight lanes and noise of idling bouncing off tiled walls.

I felt gross after - no space to move, no quiet, no clean air, and no choice. I tried so hard to keep my mind in a zen place. One companion actually was near a claustrophobia phase.

Wide open nature to bike through - I will always love you.

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  1. Im no seasoned traveller, but like the train from Newark to Manhattan. $15 and 30 minutes straight to the basement of Madison Sq Gardens. Some luck always helps too.