Friday, 1 March 2013

Andalucia Bike Race day 6

Today was a bit short for us. Seemed to be warming up nicely for today's 50k stage. A seized derailleur jockey wheel caused a wrap around and mangle of an XTR Shadow derailleur, not the cheapest thing. Makes me wish I could have known and put in a cheap replacement one. We pushed back to start. Had it been 20k later, we could have climbed the last bit and rolled back to finish. Pushing a rider who isn't able to pedal at all is so hard it's pretty impractical.

The aftermath: no flats, lots of good riding. Warm but not hot. Little wet.

Cindy has a left scuffed knee, I sewed her knickers back up. Right knee has some stitches. Her right achilles is aching and swollen. One broken derailleur. I'm taking the jump and setting up her bike with SRAM 1x11 when home as front ring shifts aren't something she uses much, and it tended just to cause chainsuck issues. Simple is often better.

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