Thursday, 22 May 2014

Rain dodging

For a supposedly socked in weekend, we got in Friday at COP 100% dry, Millarville dry Saturday, Lochend mostly dry Sunday (we had hoped to get to Bottrel but the rainclouds didn't make that attractive), and an Airport Road outing Monday.

Millarville near-ish Jon's place (this is Plummers road).

Bit later, and hard to see here, but this is "engagement hill" by Cindy's naming, and a herd of 40 elk jumped the fences in front of us. A few didn't and just plowed into it and jumped later. You can see them down in the field. Also logs of bluebirds out. 

Lochend with Cindy outrunning the rain home. 

Downtown and COP wetter than we were all day. 

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