Saturday, 2 November 2013

Kamloops trip

The new vehicle is in Kamloops. After two weeks of email questions, photos, service record reviews, and two seperate mechanical inspections (mild miscommunication but good in the end) I've come out for a go/no go look on one of Cara's buddy passes.

The mechanics had pointed out nits of not significant remedial cost and both had said "better condition than thought when we saw what vehicle was booked in". To pass a BC registry inspection it needs a rear back up light bulb that's burnt out, the front wheel bearing bolts were tightened up, a new pitman arm and that's all.  Hopefully the Alberta out of province one doesn't hold me ransom. 

The lady I'm dealing with has a boyfriend that has two of this vehicle, and he's turned his focus to the other. She's helpful and nice, and has filled etherize of talking to a guy about mechanical things and shuttling it about well. He's in India motorcycling.  Like me with bikes, their living room has a 1200 cc BMW off-road touring bikes awesome. They're about a decade older and he's had the wake up call with brain cancer and is fitting in all he can. They found my work bio page and thought the Road Rockets were commendable in our efforts. 

Anyway, she left the interior lights on after the mechanic trip and drained the battery then panicked I'd be mad as she only noticed when she was going to drive to the airport to pick me up. She drove her own car so we got home and tried to boost it. This first meant locating the battery (turns out it's under driver seat), then took a while to figure out how to turn off the vehicle security immobilized so that it actually didn't think it was being stolen. Then battery was too dead so we hooked it up to a charger and went to Boston Pizza.  Started it up after and drove around for an hour, got some diesel. 

It was too late to do anything so I slept in the basement suite of a Sandman overlooking a parking lot. 

Woke up and had coffee at Denny's.
When the outside world looked like this. 

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