Sunday, 4 May 2008

Sunday Exploration

Sunday was tough to plan around, I had to do an undetermined amount of work at an undetermined time of day. I use the word undetermined to differentiate from something like "at any time" during the day which would mean it was at my leisure.

Coincidentally, right when I was leaving, I got an email from Craig, didn't know he was in town again. We chatted, but the main point was I'm already in the car, can I pick you up for a ride in 20 mins?

I wanted to explore west of Grand Valley road, and suffice to say, we definitely got our exploring in. New rancher restaurants, beautiful paved roads, indian reserves, Petro-Canada lease roads, logging roads, seismic cut lines, all while enjoying the beauty of the Wildcat hills made it a great afternoon.

All in we did 3.5 hours of riding, 90%of which was new to me. Awesome!

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